Workers’ Compensation Business Model

Argent’s business model is built on two integrated operating triangles. The first is a risk selection model that incorporates loss control, underwriting, and claims. The second is an external model that encompasses the insurer, the insurance agency, and the policyholder. This integrated model capitalizes on the strong, consultative relationships West Bend shares with their independent agencies. It’s designed to create long-term, problem-solving solutions for our mutual customers.

We provide a solution that helps manage the largest piece of a workers’ compensation claim – the medical costs. A critical component of our operations is to manage unnecessary costs. This effort is predicated on consistent and effective communication with medical providers, claimants, and insureds.

Loss control is the final piece of the model that allows us to effectively underwrite, manage claims, and provide effective solutions to control losses. In a manner of speaking, we will focus on where the account has “pain” in order to provide a remedy.